2. Provide standard ad sizes to sell more ads online

As I said at first I only offered 125x125 ad spots, because those were popular in blogs. But my sites are not even blogs! And plus 125x125 is small. The standard sizes you want to provide to the advertisers are 468x60, 120x600, 160x600, 300x250, 720x90, etc.. provide as many as you want, but me I limit myself to 125x125, 300x250, 720x90 and 160x600 but I should also offer 468x60 since it is THE original standard. That's something I'll add to my arsenal.

You'll be surprised to know that some ad formats which were once quite popular have been delisted from IAB Display Advertising Guidelines:
Delisted Ad Units As of February 28, 2011

The following ad units have been retired as they are no longer commonly bought and offered throughout the market. Dimensions listed are the original (collapsed) dimensions of those previously used for for both standard and expanding ad units. Publishers may continue to offer and promote these ad units, however the IAB will no longer provide guidance on their use.

WxH (in pixels) Ad Unit Name
250 x 250 Square Pop-Up
240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle
336 x 280 Large Rectangle
300 x 100 3:1 Rectangle
720 x 300 Pop-Under
468 x 60 Full Banner
234 x 60 Half Banner
120 x 90 Button 1
120 x 240 Vertical Banner
125 x 125 Square Button
120 x 600 Skyscraper

You can find more information on this page: http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/508767/displayguidelines

But you'll find that the most popular at the moment are the ones I mentionned:
300x250, 160x600 and 728x90

So try to provide at the very least those 3 sizes, and in the case of buysellads the 125x125 and 468x60 formats are still widely used, it's not because they are no more in IAB Guidelines that most webmasters have abandonned them.


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