1. Advertise the fact that you have ads for sale

Although it may seem obvious that you have ad spot for sale to you, the more you advertise that fact the better. So have in your menu and in your footer a link to a page which lists your ad spots and price. Buysellads provides you with a javascript you can add on your page that will show ad spots, sizes, traffic, prices and advertisers can order directly from there.

On this page also add some text to tell advertisers what you know about your site audience, some of it you can find via the summary in Alexa..

For instance or my shetoldme site it is found there: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/shetoldme.com
"Shetoldme.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 19,686. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Chandigarh (#1,753), and this site has a bounce rate of roughly 44% (i.e., 44% of visits consist of only one pageview). Relative to the overall population of internet users, Shetoldme.com's users tend to be under the age of 35, and they tend to be men earning less than $30,000 who browse from home. While we estimate that 59% of this site's visitors are in India, where it is ranked #3,236, it is also popular in Bangladesh, where it is ranked #2,023."

So only use the things that are useful to you. For me the fact that the site is popular in India and Bangladesh is NOT something I'll put in my page. But I'll mention the part about the demographic, even bend it to say that it caters more to a female audience if I think it will attract more advertisers. Since Alexa is heavily based on a webmaster audience, the fact that it is mostly popular in India and Bangladesh is because that's were the SEO farms and spammers come from mostly (yes often working for western customers, but still that's the reason why)

A tip I use on my sites is that I have changed my 404 page to redirect to my "advertise here" page, so that any visit from search engines or backlinks with outdated links no longer live will redirect the visitor to my advertise here page. We never know what can happen, probably nothing, but it costs also nothing and as I said WE NEVER KNOW... But from that page the visitor can also access the header and menu, so he can browse around the site just like he would on a nicely done 404 error page.

Another tip about advertising that you sell ads online is to use your forum signature in webmaster forums to tell other members that you have ads for sale, since all advertisers are webmasters/bloggers in some way or another, it is the perfect audience for this part of your business.


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