0 impressions on adsense, is it normal?

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0 impressions on adsense, is it normal?

OK here is the problem: I changed my adsense ID here on Best Reviewers about a week ago. I immediately added the best reviewer ID in my adsense account to follow up how it goes.
The thing is after4-5 days is still have 0 IMPRESSIONS although I visited my posts a few times, plus I saw some comment on one of them so it means another person visited them too at least. So there should be a minimum of a few impression each day.

How can that be possible?

OK after investigating further, i looked at the source and the code it shows there is not mine (it is showing pub-5747460757999088). Plus the size of the ad shown on the post is different from the one I selected. Help!

Well, please don't panic and read the FAQ. Then we can talk more. :-)
Hint: custom channel.

Hi James,

It is just that the adsense ID that is displayed on my TOPS is not mine. May be it is my old adsense ID as I just updated the new one last week and I don't know if the update is automatic or not.

I did add the best-reviewer.com URL in my AdSense so I shouldn't be needed to ad a custom channel as well, correct? Anyway it is just displaying the wrong ID. I think may be my update was not taken into consideration. Could you please look into that?
Thank you in advance

I did this option one week ago when I modified my publisher ID here:
- in AdSense admin, create a new URL CHANNEL and input the url BEST-REVIEWER.COM when asked for an url.
BEST-REVIEWER.COM shows on my adsense URL channels, but with 0 impression
When I check the source code on my tops on BEST-REVIEWER.COM, it shows ANOTHER publisher ID which is not mine.
Would you mind to look into that?

hi,if you read all in the faq you see the custom channel is better. Because in the past there was a bug in adsense which shows 0 impressions in some cases. I won't go into details but their bug is well known.

Now, since they have the new interface, you can see that they show earnings by url without you creating a channel url, well this is new, before you had to create a channel url.. So perhaps their new url reports are accurate in all cases.

If not, then using the custom channel worked perfectly before.. so should also now.

Now about your adsense id, well if you have put it in your best reviewer account, then it will use that. Except if you made a mistake, then if the adsense id is not valid, it will not use it, it will use mine, or one of my friends, since I don't use only one.

I'm going to look now in your user profile... ok, you have put pub-5436046551176309 so it should use this one, it's a correct one, valid, so should work fine.

Yes My Adsense ID is correct.
Custom URL is working perfectly well for all my sites.
Now go to one of my tops, let's say: http://www.best-reviewer.com/best-review-top-3-methods-learn-spanish.htm
Scroll down a bit and look at the AdSense Code on that page:

The PUB ID is : pub-5747460757999088
It is not mine. Your system is putting SOMEONE ELSE PUB ID on my tops.
Plus I selected a different ad size. On that page the ad size is 468x60. I never use this kind of size as it is poorly performing. I always use either 300x250 or 336x280

Could you plus put back my or PUB ID on my posts?

Thank you

Ok, please check the page by being loggued out, you'll see what visitors see.
Your adsense is right below top 1 item description.

OK I logged from a different computer and a different browser (I was not logged in on the computer).

I still see that the Publisher ID is not MINE!

Here is the code copied directly from the source code of my TOPS:

You can see that the PUB ID is 5747460757999088
What is my PUB ID? You mentioned it rightly in your previous comment: 5436046551176309

You are putting someone else Adsense on MY TOPS!


It is very easy for you to check.

Just open any of my TOPS, look at the source code and you will see the adsense ID! I am sure you know how to do that!

in short:

There are ads on my TOPS, but the ADSENSE ID is NOT my ADSENSE ID!!!

So I don't get any adsense revenue at all!!!

So it means I cannot earn from my referrals as well!

I believe this bug should be considered seriously. Having someone else Adsense ID on my own tops isn't kinda cool. Is anyone else having this problem?

Support & Feedback
Boo.. Boo.. :-)
over 3 days i reported a problem and still no solution at the horizon.
It's not about the few cents i will make from it. But just a question of principle and trust.
I reported and you noticed yourself that my publisher ID is not the one showing on my tops. You told me to create a channel but the channel I will create is only in my own publisher ID. That won't solve the bug on your site. Could you please consider my request as it probably is not an isolated case. I just wonder whose publisher ID was put in place of mine, and how!
Thank you for replying.

The website owner has the first Adsense block. Then the Best-Reviewer member gets the second Adsense block. You must be LOGGED OUT to see all the ads. Then check the source code and keep scrolling down and you will see your Adsense ID in the SECOND Ad block. Yes, you will see someone else's ID in the very first block - this is the website owner's ad block. Keep scrolling down your page to see the next block, which should have yours.

If you would like to have your Adsense code in block 1 AND block 2, you can purchase a premium membership.

You know what? I don't have time for this..

At the moment I'm not in the mood of looking at things that are working for months...

Yes, maybe you're right, but most probably you're wrong, you know...

If I was not so nice and perfect, I would just tell you, if you're not happy, go somewhere else..

But since I'm so nice and perfect, I still think that, maybe, it's possible that while doing some changes I would be so stoned or stupid and change my code, and blablabla..

Honestly I have a hard time believing this, but still, you know.. whenever I'll have time, which is surely not those days, I'll look into it..

But, hahaha, you're new member, and making troubles like this, excuse me but I have other things to do than baby sitting..

But maybe you're right, see I don't say you're wrong, I'll need to double check this.. but since you're the only complaining I'm only 100% sure you're wrong.. see, I give you the benefit of the doubt, but please be my guest if you're not happy, go away, who cares? Me? HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..


(yes, I know, I'm not professional and the customer service is so terrible, I heard it all before..)

It's not a matter of time. It takes 1/2 second to check. It takes you less time to check that to reply to my comment.

I don't ask you to believe me. Seeing is believing. If you don't care to check i can send you screen shots.

Yes I am a new member with only 4 tops and 2 referrals, promoting best-reviewers outside, testing your 4 weeks adsense method for 2 month and so and so.

Sorry to hear that asking for help because something is wrong means making trouble for you.

never mind, we love you too James

I hope your problems will be gone soon

Hi, well yesterday I was a bit pissed off and tired, and I knew today I would have to do something in real life, not so enjoyable, and right now it's not finished, it's only starting.. But I'm taking a break.

Now that I'm totally clear in my head, I can tell you that you're wrong, simply visit your top as a visitor, then view html source, then simply search for your adsense id number, you'll see that it is in the page.

Now, obviously you are not 100% at the top of your game since you can't see it by yourself, but if you really want to improve, then try it, that's what you will see..

The only thing I ask to you is that you don't post again saying that your adsense id is not on the page, please don't do that, it's getting boring and you've made your point already multiple times (false point of course) in comments and on the forum..

So anyway, usually I enjoy helping a little bit, but really that was a very bad timing yesterday night, I hope you don't mind, because honestly we're just minds writing on our computers, it's nothing personal, just funny, isn't it? It needs to stay that way, not involve bad feelings and all that crap from real life relationships between people that can go sour.. Here on internet, it's only for fun :-)

So anyway, my advise to you is to keep on focusing on your own web properties only, all your time you should devote it to your own properties, not mine not others.. Don't believe the backlink stuff, even if you can read about it on some pages on my site, don't believe it, I just wrote it like everybody else to make people use my site, it's a never ending lie that everybody repeats but nobody knows anything about it..

So anyway, the only reason to use my site over working on your own is if you don't have one. But you do, so don't waste your time, that's my advise.. Now if you're like everybody else, you are stubborn and will keep on using my site or someone else's site... No problem with that, you're not alone :-)

Hi James,

Thank you for your reply.

First I want to say that I checked again today, and that my ID was there. As usual I checked from another computer on which I am not logged in. So it looks like things are back to normal. I promise you that there was a bug the last few days but feel err to believe me or not, i don't care which option you choose.

Let me wish you once again that real life things get better for you as soon as possible. No matter what you day or do, I still wish you all the best. It's OK if you have fun calling me names, if at least it can have some positive impact on you. I don't take it personal.

As you say, we are not real life people, we are just computer! ;-)

But my wishes go to James the real life person, even if I don't know you.

I hope you can also understand me, that I simply CANNOT believe what you're saying. Why? because I know computers are very simple creatures.. I make a php code and it works this and that way.. Now, without me changing anything in the code, it will always do the same thing, always.. So if it worked the day before yesterday, then it worked yesterday, then it works today and tomorrow, since I didn't change anything those past few days. I didn't change anything yesterday too, even less so :-)

But from your side I can understand you also, you are 100% sure of what you saw, etc.. Well ok, but you know some people they hear voices and for them it's real, does it mean I should believe them, no.

So I understand everybody has his own world in his head, and whatever one believes strong enough become the truth for this person. Maybe I'm deluded, maybe you are, maybe we both are, or maybe none of us is.. We don't know, and it's not important anyway..

Now, the real problem is about the new ad placement and the ctr for members. I have no way to check that, so I will be interested in reports, perhaps we'll discuss about that in another thread.. I think in about 2 weeks I'll be ready again to make changes and be busy with my sites, but in the meantime I'll do the minimum, like enjoy writing in my forum and monitoring content posted and registration queue..

OK, so good luck, and don't forget my advise I gave you someplace: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON OTHER PEOPLE SITES !!!
You can allow yourself to post on other people website when you'll earn over 2,000 euros per month with your own sites, then at this moment you will be allowed to relax and do useless things, ok? hahaha yes, you can increase your earnings quickly if you focus ONLY on your own web properties, everyday, and every week, months.. Do that and you'll see before you know it you'll earn the 2,000 euros by month and then you can come back here, but for sure you will not want anymore, you'll prefer work more on your own sites, that's life :-)

PS: thank you for good wishing but you know it's ok I'm fine.. When you're used to be on holidays with everything great, then the small things can affect you. But it's like Paris Hilton complaining because her Ferrari needs to get repaired and so she is going to have to drive the Porsche 911 for one week, before she can get the Ferrari back.. Imagine hearing about her complaining about that.. Well for me it's a bit a same, but at my own level, so really I'm even ashamed to say what it is about, hahaha..
But it's true that it will take a little off my never ending holidays, and that's so sad I could cry if I was in the mood :-)

I always see zero impressions here and on shetoldme.com. I think it has something to do with multiple adsense ids on a page. I get paying clicks though, so I'm not too worried about it. I've always had the URL channel set - but will look into creating a custom channel.

I have the same thing yet I have had ad clicks. I'm not really too concerned though, if I get a few clicks here neato - if not, oh well.

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