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Published by ravina

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All individuals has some personal needs, and personal fulfillment is important for all of us. In fact emotions also stipulates whether a persons needs are met or not. And unmet needs can give rise to anger, sadness or confusion!
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Written by annap
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Getting older often goes hand in hand with finding it more difficult to move about and perform day to day tasks. A live in carer can provide a degree of support in daily living, and the provision of various mobility aids can assist, allowing the elderly person to retain a greater degree of independence. You can find out more at the Live-in Care Hub about...
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Authored by annap

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It is often a worry question – will the family home need to be sold to fund care? If what is meant by “care” is “moving into a residential care home” then often the answer will be “yes, because it is too expensive”. A study by the Live-in Care hub found only 27% of the population has considered how to finance care, and many of the rest...
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Publisher: annap
Sleep problems can plague us all, but for the elderly it can increase the severity of dementia symptoms, promote obesity and make them more prone to picking up illnesses. It can also be difficult to care for an elderly person who is having trouble sleeping, as you yourself need your sleep. According to Live-in Care Hub there are plenty of small changes...
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Published by annap
Are you unsure what having a live in carer actually means? According to the Live in Care Hub you’re not alone so we asked them what their seven most frequently asked questions are and answered them for you.
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Published by annap
As brain functions deteriorate it becomes more and more important to provide high quality care to dementia sufferers. Research by the Live-in Care Hub indicates that 69% of families worry that they won’t be able to provide the quality care they know their loved one needs. Live-in care is high quality care, and extremely well suited to the needs of those...
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Published by annap
If you have been caring for an elderly relative you will sooner or later realise that you need to seek professional assistance. Perhaps you have been caring for them full-time and need a break to be able to recharge your batteries, or perhaps their needs have changed and you are now struggling to meet them without the benefit of specialist training. According...
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