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Creator: Dalvina

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Every year around Christmas time, there's so much intense pressure to have a perfect festive holiday season based primarily on strong commercialized influences. This can obviously cause unnecessary stress related headaches, anxiety attacks and crying profusely due to mounting high expectations that we sometimes bestow upon ourselves. Meanwhile, we're...
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Composed by Geetanjali14
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They wore bracelets, earrings, rings, Bangels, Nosepin, Cufflinks, jhumkaas. One custom they seemed to have begun was wearing several rings on each hand. They also developed a unique technique for making gold jewelry called granulation. This involved soldering tiny grains of gold on a solid gold background, which made the item sparkle.
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Creator: annap

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No one starts out aiming to work in a job that doesn’t exactly pay handsomely. However, not every role in the economy can keep you in designer threads and caviar. In fact – given rises in house prices and the cost of living – many jobs now will only just keep the wolf from the door. However, there are some jobs where the salaries are far lower...
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Writer: Dalvina
Typically, when purchasing certain body lotions geared towards dry skin, we're practically assuming that these products will finally give us some much needed suppleness to relieve excessive dryness on a year round basis. Then hours laters, our skin continues to have noticeable flakiness and ashiness even after using what was believed to be a proven...
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Author: Mpimba whose referrer is pjgermain
1.Painfully Urination. You may experience burning sensation during Urination. 2.Abdominal Pain. Mostly experience at left lower and right lower abdomen the place kidney located. 3.Fever This is when temperature is more than 37.5°C,present with high or low grade fever.
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Sent by Dalvina
Nowadays, whenever anyone loses a job whether in a good or bad economy eventually they'll soon discover that the job market has really changed a whole lot and so will their finances too. Its because you could always immediately find work within three months after being terminated compared to many years ago, and now those days are long gone. But without...
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